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Rotoscoping is a core skill that all aspiring video editors and VFX artists need to master. This course is designed to take you from beginner (or intermediate) to advanced level. It will allow you to create awesome VFX with confidence.

So if you're an aspiring creator...

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Pen Tool Mastery

Learn how to efficiently use the pen tool in After Effects and practice with 9 unique examples

Rotobrush 2.0 Mastery

Master the tricky rotobrush 2.0 tool in After Effects and practice with 7 advanced examples

Mocha AE Mastery

Mocha AE is a combination of masking and tracking in one! Master the rotoscoping aspects of this tool then practice with 2 detailed examples

Ai Rotoscoping

The AI revolution is taking over! Learn how to use a popular AI Rotobrush tool so you have it in your arsenal when needed

What are people saying

"The masterclass is WOW I enjoyed the organization of the course and the lessons and now I can use the rotoscope tools thank to you! The way you teach is fantastic"


I loved all of it! 5 Stars 


''Camilo's has a easy way to explain things''


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