The Most COMPLETE Speed Ramping Course

Become a speed ramping master in Adobe After Effects

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Do Your Speed Ramps Suck?

Tired of shaky, wobbly, jarring speed ramps that fail to captivate?

or don't know where to start?

Rise above mediocrity and master the art of Speed Ramping. (And maybe get more views on instagram).

What's guaranteed for you

Learn trendy capitaving techniques

Become comfortable with complex curves

Smoother speed ramp transitions

Become a faster editor

Master the value and speed graph in AE

Downloadable footage to edit

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Seamless Transitions

Learn how to film and edit seamless transitions that are satisfying to watch. 

Boomerang Effect

Learn how to create this awesome boomerang effect by mastering 'Reverse speed ramps'. Also learn an advanced method with motion tracking in AE.

Robot Moves

Elevate your videos with this unique (and hard to learn) technique. Shooting & editing taught in the bundle.

What Previous Students Say

"The masterclass is WOW I enjoyed the organization of the course and the lessons! The way you teach is fantastic"


I loved all of it! 5 Stars 


''Camilo's has a easy way to explain things''


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Speed Ramping Course

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10 Classes

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Speed Ramping Course (After Effects)

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13 Classes

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Speed Ramping Masterclass (Full Bundle)

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